Why walk?

Walking is totally free – the average family school run by car costs £500 per year.


It’s easy and convenient – you don’t have to wait for a lift – you can walk whenever and wherever you want (within reason!) and you don’t need any special kit.


You can walk with friends, family, or by yourself – your choice.


It’s good for the planet – you don’t use up fossil fuels or cause pollution when you walk. Just remember not to drop your litter on the way!


It’s good for you – simple everyday exercise to fit in with your life.

Always walk on the pavement if there is one. On roads with no pavement or verge, keep in close to the edge and walk on the right hand side so you can see the traffic coming towards you.


Be safe, be seen – Help drivers to see you. Wear or carry something brightly coloured or fluorescent during the day. In the dark, wear something reflective.


Switch off before you step off – Make sure you can see and hear what’s going on around you. Stop mobile calls or texting and take off headphones before crossing the road.


Find somewhere safe to cross – use a crossing, bridge or subway if there’s one available. Otherwise choose somewhere where you can see traffic clearly, and drivers can see you. At night, try to cross near a street light.


Plan your journey –The safest way is to walk as part of a group or where other people will be around, such as a main route to school. If you’re walking alone, plan where you’re going and how to get there. Walk confidently and let someone know where you’re going and what time you’ll be back. If it’s getting dark, stick to busy well-lit places.