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Public Transport Tips

Wait until the bus has stopped before standing up or getting off. If the bus is full and you have to stand on the journey, use the hand holds, and move as far down the bus as possible to let other people get on and off.


Drivers need to concentrate – don’t distract them while the vehicle is moving and don’t stand where you will block their view.


Stay safe at bus stops – stand well back from the edge of the road while you are waiting, especially if it’s crowded. Don’t push people or play around.


Cross safely- when you have got off the bus, wait until it has moved away from the stop before trying to cross so that you can see traffic clearly.


If you feel unsafe or are worried about something that has happened on the bus then tell the driver and also tell your parents, or your teacher if it is a school bus.


Lost your bus pass or money? – speak to the driver or someone at school if you need to travel today.