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Cycle Tips

Your brain is important! – Always wear a cycle helmet, no matter how short the journey. Make sure it fits you properly, always fasten it securely, and replace it if it gets damaged.


Make sure drivers can see you – wear or carry something bright or fluorescent in the daytime and something reflective when it’s dark. You also need lights on your bike when it’s dark and in bad weather.


Stay alert – Keep checking around you for traffic, especially before riding out into a road from a driveway, path or side road, and always before changing direction. Don’t ride with headphones or use a mobile – you need all your senses to stay safe.


Ride safely and confidently – find out about National Standards training courses. Ask at school or check with the council. Level 3 training will teach you how to cope with busier roads and more complex junctions.


Stay in control – Don’t carry passengers on your bike or hang heavy bags on your handlebars as they will affect your balance. Put your stuff in a rucksack or use a rack or pannier bags on the back of your bike.