If you really need to travel by car, think about smart ways to do it. Can you share lifts with a friend to reduce the cost for each of you and the number of cars on the road?


Ask your driver to drop you off a short distance from your destination and walk the rest of the way. This means you get some fresh air and exercise, and there is less congestion at the key points like the school entrance. It’s also much less stressful for your driver!


Always wear a seatbelt if one is available, even for short journeys. 1 in 3 crashes happen less than a mile from the driver’s home.


Wait until the car has stopped before opening the door, and always try to get out on the pavement side if possible.


Stop or park in safe places - stopping right outside school gates, across driveways or on yellow lines is pretty selfish and makes it more dangerous for everyone. Ask your driver to wait for you somewhere away from the madness!